Group Storytelling

Group Storytelling
Recommended Ages: 8 and Up
Amount of Players: 3 or more
Materials Needed: Creativity

Group Storytelling is a silly game that really anyone can play. When I was a kid we would start this as a fun activity during long car rides to give us something to do. My brother and I used to try and throw the entire story off or end it early by killing off the main character or saying “The End” at random times, but it was all in good fun. Usually, at the end of the story, you look back at the storyline and ask yourself, “When did Sheila die?” It’s best to play about 2 games of this at a time, because otherwise, the players may lose their fervor.

Objective: To have the group end up telling a story using one sentence remarks.

Description: First off, the players will set up an order of who goes first, second, third… then last. Group Storytelling begins with the first person saying, “Once upon a time there was a ____.” Then, the story goes from there. The next player will think up their own line based off of what the person in front of them said (that’s called “give and take”). Then the story continues through the order and then goes back to the start. Usually the first lines will be dedicated to introducing all main characters. Once it gets backs to the start, the beginning player will think of a plot that could happen for the main character. “Then, on a fine summer day, something went terribly wrong.” It will go through the order yet again, describing the plot, and then the beginner will come up with a climax. “It was all up to him in the hot-dog-eating contest.” It goes through the order and then the starter begins the resolution. “He couldn’t believe what had happened!” And then once you get through the order, the last person has to say, “The End.”

I’ll abbreviate who is speaking with a number before each of their statements with 1 for the first player, 2 for the second, and so on and so forth
Ex: “1:Once upon a time, there was an evil duck named Victor. 2:Victor had grey hair. 3:His wife was named Margaret and they had two adorable sons, Pico and Nacho. 4:The family lived in the Midwest near Iowa. 1:Then, out of nowhere, snozzberries started raining from the sky. 2:Victor had an idea to use the snozzberries to lure in beavers, so he could dam up the water supply and make a large pond for his family to live in. 3:He was tired of the golfers that hit golf balls at him. 4:Victor bribed the beavers to dam up the river using the snozzberries he collected. 1:It was down the final day and the beavers had almost dammed the river up. 2:But then Kool Aid man smashed through the wall and Victor was like, “That’s not ok, Kool Aid man!” 3:But Kool Aid man didn’t understand duck or beaver, so he left with a bruised shoulder. 4:Victor couldn’t believe that that had happened. 1:So, Victor and his family moved, gathered some more snozzberries and held the world’s water supplies hostage, eventually becoming a billionaire as a rapper. The End.”

Of course, there are variations of the game where each person states one word, and the story goes around as a group. Otherwise you can say two sentences at a time.

You can make the story as informal and as swashbuckling as your heart desires. Let your imagination run free! “The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!” –Super Troopers

Thank you for reading!